What Kind Of Training Does An Orthopedic Surgeon Have?

What Kind Of Training Does An Orthopedic Surgeon Have? American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
An orthopedist is a doctor that specializes in the human musculoskeletal system. It is unlike a chiropractor in that they branch further than the spine, they may prescribe medication, and they may require surgery to address certain problems. Becoming an orthopedist is no easy task. There is years of training and intense education that is very similar to that of a traditional medical doctor. These years of training and school are intended to create well-oiled machines who can do their job perfectly. When an orthopedist does their job the right way, patients are happier and can return to living normal, healthy lives.

To begin with, a student hoping to become an orthopedist must complete four years of college. After college, where undergraduate classes are taken, they must proceed to four years of medical school where the tough work begins. Four years of medical school is followed by five years of residency training. This is a total of 13 years before they can continue with their examinations and licensing.

This is very similar to the long and rigorous training that is required to become a medical doctor. However, more emphasis is placed on learning the musculoskeletal system. An orthopedist must be capable of diagnosing any problems related to the spine, joints, or related muscle groups. This is also very similar to a chiropractor, who requires much less formal education to receive their license.

After school, they can continue their education further into specialty practices. This is where the student focuses on learning a certain practice or part of the human body. These later become the well-known orthopedist that your doctor recommends after an injury to a specific area in the body.

Finally, before licensing, the student must pass a written and an oral examination. A tough test to pass, the reward is a license from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.


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Board-Certified Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine clinic providing treatment of sports and non-sports injuries, including bone and joint injuries, fractures, dislocations, sprains, hand surgery, knee surgery, foot and ankle surgery, shoulder surgery, orthopedic trauma, arthritis treatment, arthroscopic surgery, joint reconstruction and joint replacement.

Getting to Know an Orthopedic Surgeon Aurora can Trust

An orthopedic surgeon Aurora can trust is truthfully virtually every orthopedic surgeon located throughout the region. This is indeed true because orthopedic surgeons like all surgeons go through years of extensive training and education to reach the level of expert surgeon. With that said it is quite obvious that when an individual strives for this level of expertise it is likely that they are conscientious, complete and thorough in everything that they do. The patient should rest assured that when they choose to have orthopedic surgery that the surgeon will be highly qualified and highly skilled in all aspects of orthopedic surgery.

Total Hip Replacement and the Repair and Replacement of Major Joints

Some of the more common procedures performed by orthopedic surgery professionals include shoulder type arthroscopy, knee related arthroscopy, as well as the repair and replacement of knees, elbows, shoulders, and other major joints found throughout the human body. Orthopedic surgery does not stop there but includes major operations such as total hip replacement and repair and the replacement of major joints found in the human body such as the knee and elbow. In many cases orthopedic surgeons also participate in different levels of microsurgery including surgery on fingers, tendons and toes. A very common type of orthopedic surgery is known as carpal tunnel surgery and is used to repair injuries caused by repetitive activities associated with computer related work.

Surgeons earns Upwards of Half of Million Per Year

In other instances an orthopedic surgeon Aurora uses will do lumbar type spinal fusion surgery as well as various types of skeletal and muscular as well as bone related surgeries. From the repair of an ankle to the replacement of a knee patients today depend on orthopedic surgeons to perform a wide range of highly specialized surgical procedures to help improve an individual’s quality of life. Because orthopedic surgeons play such an important role in the repair, recovery and healing of patients across a wide spectrum of injuries it is not surprising that the typical orthopedic surgeon earns upwards of half of million per year. This is a reasonable compensation for individuals that perform incredibly intricate surgeries to help individuals regain their mobility and regain a more normal life.

Referrals for a Highly Skilled and Qualified Orthopedic Surgeon

The orthopedic surgeon Aurora patients have come to know and respect as the most qualified is widely available throughout the area and is easy to find. In most cases patients can go to their general care provider to get referrals for a highly skilled and qualified orthopedic surgeon. Meeting with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss the particulars of a patient’s condition is the first step in preparing for orthopedic related surgery. The surgeon will typically go over all of the minute details of what is involved with a particular type of orthopedic surgery. This is a good time for patients to ask questions and to better understand what is involved with their particular surgery. Patients located throughout the area should rest assured that a quality orthopedic surgeon is readily available to meet the needs of their specific injury or other related issue.

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